The temple of Tungnath Mahadev is a very beautiful place of himalaya in uttarakhand state, which is a precious diamond for the devotees of God. This is the Himalaya lap, which is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand where nature has been decorated with magnificent paintings. Located on the highest elevation of five Kedaras(panch kedar), it is a famous temple of Lord Shiva,

Several stories are prevalent about this temple, such as the statue of Shiva in the rocky area, as part of the devastating Bhagwan esoteric Garhwal region, Tungnath assures the mythological stories and profiles of abundant beauty. It is also believed that it was here in Tungnath that Lord Shiva had rest in his hands, while he tried to get out of Pandavas. And it is also believed that the present temple was created by Pandavas to please God. The place is a quiet place from where the Himalayas are visible. From here, there is a view of Chaukhamba (which is vastly Himalaya). Everyone here can feel refreshed by themselves.

Together with its intense divinity, Tungnath is ready to attract the audience with all the attractive and pleasant lifestyles. It is like a beautiful paradise door for trekkers, where you can see the beautiful scenery of nature at every turn and hill. During tracking, you will find Monal Bird, Thar (a species of a buck) grazing grass here. There will be excitement with the thrilling scenes of a spirited waterfall, which seems to have come directly from heaven.

Although the trekking route is made from stone, which appears in the middle of the green grass like pearls. The one who makes the eyes look a bit strange, the enjoyment of tracking the grasslands may seem to be seen somewhere else.

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About Tungnath City – 

State: Uttarakhand (India)
District: Chamoli District
Famous for / as: pilgrims
Languages: Pahadi, Garhwali, Hindi best
Best Season: March – October (Summer Time)
Weather: Summer 22-45 degrees Celsius,
Winter: 0-23 degrees Celsius
Height: 1814 m

Distances to travel 

Nagpur to Uttarkashi: 1400 km
Bangalore Uttarkashi: 2463 km

Best Season / Best Time Tung Tungnath

Tungnath has a quiet atmosphere through the weather

Summer season (April to August) is very pleasant with moderate climate, around 16 degrees Celsius summers from the average average is ideal for viewing all sights, temple tours and nearby attractions.

Monsoon (September to November) is short rainfall. So it’s time to look very attractive because it is good to see.

Winters (December to March) In the days of chilli, the average minimum touched to close to 4 degrees Celsius can touch the minimum low zero levels. Snow is seen during winter

The best season for the journey of Tengnath is from April to November.

From April to August, provides the right time to spend a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and moments of rest on the road and is ideal for a tour of the temple.
Good to see from September to November and to see the temple trip.
From December to March the ice is bound and chilli.


Chandrishila(चंद्रशिला) peak  can be reached after about 1 kilometer of climbing from the Tungnath temple.
Chandrila is the highest peak on the hill of the Tungnath temple. Where a small temple of Lord Ganga Maya has been built. Chandrashila is one of the most important places of the Tungnath temple.
Your journey is almost incomplete without Chandrila’s visit.
The sunrise which enjoys the sunshine in the morning from the Chandrila peak, hardly gets you to look elsewhere. The Himalayas get a wonderful glimpse at the sunrise.

Images of chandrshila :


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