About Tehri Lake Festival 2018

Entertainment, excitement, adventure and endless stretch of azure water. That is Tehri Lake Festival for you!
Every year Uttarakhand Tourism organizes Tehri Lake Festival where one can find non-stop action blended with unspoilt nature! This year the much-awaited 3 days water sports and cultural event is scheduled from 25th – 27th May 2018 at Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand.
Book your seats today to experience the thrills of boating, jetskiing, banana rides, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, river-rafting, paragliding, kayaking and much more. Watch adventure experts showcasing their aerial skills, Bollywood artists giving electrifying performances and also explore the trade, tourism and cultural aspects of Tehri.
3 days of unforgettable fun. Memories for a lifetime!

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Water Sports in Tehri Lake
A major chunk of the Adventure sports will be Water sports as the location itself is Tehri Lake, which is of 44sqkms in area formed by the pristine waters of Bhagirathi River. The various sports facilities are in pipeline at Tehri Lake are:

  • Water skiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Water Zorbing
  • Para Sailing
  • House Boats
  • Boating
  • Motor Boats

Accommodation Plan

Property Type Room Type and Plan Price per Night (Tax Inc.)
Tehri Lake Eco Huts, Koti Colony Super Deluxe(Full AC) on CP Plan Rs. 5500
Tehri Lake Swiss Tent, Koti Colony Deluxe (Full AC) on EP Plan Rs. 4000
Tehri Lake Eco Lodges (Wooden Huts), Sirayen Family Suite on CP Plan Rs. 5000
Deluxe (Full AC) on CP Plan Rs. 4000
Tehri Lake Floating Huts, Sirayen Super Deluxe(Full AC) on CP Plan Rs. 7500
Tehri Lake Resort, Koti Colony Super Deluxe(Full AC) on CP Plan Rs. 5500
Deluxe (Full AC) on CP Plan Rs. 4500


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