Pokhu Devta -mori block uttarakashi

Virgin Places strange rituals of Uttarkhand

The people of Uttrakhand have a rich tradition of folk deity worship. With different region and their regional gods Uttarakhand is having so many unexplored temples which are strange enough to under stand. There is a village named Netwar village 160 km from Uttarkashi on the border of Himanchal Pradesh in Har ki doon region.
Netwar village has three temples : Duryodhan Mandir, Karna Mandir and Pokhu Devta Mandir. (All three temples are in the same region, within a range of 14 kms.) This makes the Great Tradition of folk culture.
According to the folk tradition and popular beliefs of people of the rupin and supin valley, Pokhu Devta is the God of Law and Order. The temple of Pokhu Devta is in the old village of Netwar at the confluence of the Rupin and Supin rivers. It is a wooden temple. It is similar to Karna Mandir at Sarnaul in shape.
In the inner chamber of the temple a Shivling is installed. Pokhu’s chamber is positioned behind a Shivling. Inside of the temple the sacrificial altar has splashes of dried blood on it. The god is not shown to anyone, as his image will create horror. It is for this reason that even the priest, while worshipping him, stands with his back towards him. The idol is worshipped with one’s back towards it.
Pokhu is worshipped in the form of Sickle and Knives in the villages, a deputy of Karna and an attendant of Lord Shiva. He believed to be terrible and unrelenting in punishing his erring followers. Therefore the incidence of theft in this valley is unheard of.
Another God worshipped by the villagers is of this region is the Mahasu Devta, whose temple is in Hanol.

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